Track milestones progress.


2015 roadmap in the works. big items below:

  • Testing and stabilization of new versions of PHP and MariaDB (compliant with new CentOS and RHEL versions)
  • Release deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu support
  • Packages for Nginx server (for VOD repackaging, and eCDN caching server)
  • Packages for Media Server (for Live Streaming)
  • Packages for Play Server (for stream stitching capabilities such Ad Stitching)
  • Integration points and support for Kaltura on OpenStack and CloudFoundry - discovery and integration hooks to virtualize resource management and launch cluster node scaling.
  • API Client Libraries testing using TravisCI post successful CI tests.
  • Automatic distribution of API Client Libraries, (upon successful CI and after official package releases) to respective repositories, including: RubyGems, Node npm, PHP composer, pypi, etc.
  • Packages for the Live Analytics project.

Much more to come... please send ideas or suggestions to or post to the community forums.


Release announcements will be made through the forums from now on. Please visit the New Release Updates forum category for all release notes.




Celebrating over 100 bugs crushed mark! :) Thanks to all active contributors! (DBezemer, fugazi73, blackyboy, Ronileco, jpluijmers, smartdrive, baiyou2014, krarey, nzimas, nshulakov, joerace, iddrew, ironsizide, angober, nviera777, bnelson796, cschaub, mobcdi, flipmcf, dudyk, vadimtar).


  • Stable version is now 9.14.0.
  • Progressed with tests for CI.
  • Dropped plans for using The Foremen, seems not ready yet. Collaborators who are familiar with TheForeman are welcome to take on that task. For now, Chef + bash scripts seems to be answering the needs.


Install Packages Updates

Continuous Integration Updates

  • Nightly sanity occurs each night on EC2, logs entries to SQLite and sends a CSV report by email. See example CSV Report
  • Erected a cluster to test on ESXi for testing, integration in progress
  • Currently working on integration using The Foremen to support wider range of deployment options.


  • Alpha tests have all passes sucessfully.
  • Further Cluster and Chef deployment guides were tested on AWS.
  • Red5 package fully tested (both webcam and FMLE).
  • QA Analytics reporting events deployed, users can now opt-in to send repoting events for system stability reports and deployment issue assistance.
  • IX-9.11.0 was released and tested.
  • Specifications and definition for the Kaltura Platform Packages CI Project were created.
  • Entered Phase D - Public Beta, and Continuous Integration System.


Cluster install passed successfully, Chef scripts created, many tests passed and bugs crushed.


Single server installed passes successfully, including sanity of the following features:

  • Partner creation
  • Content upload of various kinds
  • Convert
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Entry investigation
  • Entry embed
  • Partner config options via Admin Console
  • API v3 tests for the PHP5 and Java client libs
  • Cluster install is in final stages of testing and expected to finish sanity today
  • Monitoring suite is under way and is also expected to be released for testing today
  • Entered Phase C.2 - Alpha Repositories & Testing


We are thrilled to share that we've reached public alpha testing phase of the RPM packages. If you're running a RedHat based distro and would like to test, please review the RPM installation steps.