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Celebrating over 100 bugs crushed mark! :) Thanks to all active contributors! (DBezemer, fugazi73, blackyboy, Ronileco, jpluijmers, smartdrive, baiyou2014, krarey, nzimas, nshulakov, joerace, iddrew, ironsizide, angober, nviera777, bnelson796, cschaub, mobcdi, flipmcf, dudyk, vadimtar).


  • Stable version is now 9.14.0.
  • Progressed with tests for CI.
  • Dropped plans for using The Foremen, seems not ready yet. Collaborators who are familiar with TheForeman are welcome to take on that task. For now, Chef + bash scripts seems to be answering the needs.


Install Packages Updates

Continuous Integration Updates

  • Nightly sanity occurs each night on EC2, logs entries to SQLite and sends a CSV report by email. See example CSV Report
  • Erected a cluster to test on ESXi for testing, integration in progress
  • Currently working on integration using The Foremen to support wider range of deployment options.


  • Alpha tests have all passes sucessfully.
  • Further Cluster and Chef deployment guides were tested on AWS.
  • Red5 package fully tested (both webcam and FMLE).
  • QA Analytics reporting events deployed, users can now opt-in to send repoting events for system stability reports and deployment issue assistance.
  • IX-9.11.0 was released and tested.
  • Specifications and definition for the Kaltura Platform Packages CI Project were created.
  • Entered Phase D - Public Beta, and Continuous Integration System.


Cluster install passed successfully, Chef scripts created, many tests passed and bugs crushed.


Single server installed passes successfully, including sanity of the following features:

  • Partner creation
  • Content upload of various kinds
  • Convert
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Entry investigation
  • Entry embed
  • Partner config options via Admin Console
  • API v3 tests for the PHP5 and Java client libs
  • Cluster install is in final stages of testing and expected to finish sanity today
  • Monitoring suite is under way and is also expected to be released for testing today
  • Entered Phase C.2 - Alpha Repositories & Testing


We are thrilled to share that we've reached public alpha testing phase of the RPM packages. If you're running a RedHat based distro and would like to test, please review the RPM installation steps.