Setting up a Drop folder in Kaltura

After Creating a Publisher in Kaltura
  • Creat a Transcoding Profile ( I have created in my name as blackyboy transcoding

  • Then Configure DropBox for Publisher by choosing configure in Drop menu

  • And Tick the check box, Content Ingestion - Drop Folder/s (config)

  • Then Click on configure and change the settings.

Note your Publisher ID from user's list ( My Publisher ID 102) and Create using Type : Local

Drop Folder Name: our Wish ( Here i have used blackyboy)

Description: As our Wish (This is blackyboy's Drop)

  • Conversion Profile ID: Choose your created name Here from Drop list

  • Drop Folder Storage Path: /opt/kaltura/web/content/blackyboy (or) any folder name

Check file size every (seconds): 10

  • Choose Manual Deletion if you Don't want to delete the Source.

Save it ... that't it in KMC side..

Then in Terminal

  • Create a directory named as you have mentioned here (Drop Folder Storage Path: /opt/kaltura/web/content/blackyboy)
Eg : mkdir /opt/kaltura/web/content/blackyboy
  • Then add a user for FTP
# useradd -d /opt/kaltura/web/content/blackyboy blackyboy  ( home Dir of this blackyboy user is /opt/kaltura/web/content/blackyboy )

(skel file error will be display, we don't need a bash profile so don't mind the error)

Create a password for the user which we have created for Drop

# passwd blackyboy

New passwd: ********
Con Passwd: ********
  • Add the user blackyboy to apache & kaltura Group Only kaltura Group is Enough
# usermod -a -G apache,kaltura blackyboy

  • Navigate to directory
# cd /opt/kaltura/web/content
  • Change the Ownership of blackyboy
# chown blackyboy:kaltura blackyboy/

Note : Here i have setuped for sftp because ftp is not secured one, If we need ftp just 2 more step to be added in above steps, those are

# usermod -a -G ftp,kaltura blackyboy

And at last we need to restart the vsftpd Service

# /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart
  • Login the sftp from filezilla

And upload a video file, it will be uploaded to /opt/kaltura/web/content/blackyboy

After Completing upload it wait's for 10 seconds and it will move to KMC Content TAB and Start to convert it Using Transcoding profile Which we have created.

We can see the Progress of uploading from (Drop folder) Under Content TAB

That's it ..