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Which repo should I contribute to?

The main repos are:

  • - The RPMs and install scripts
  • - Core Backend
  • - KMC
  • - KDP3 player [legacy Flash version]
  • - HTML5 player [universal v2 player]
  • - HTML5 Studio [studio v2]

If you are uncertain where the contribution should go to, please do:

$ rpm -qf /path/to/file
$ rpm -qi package | grep URL

For example:

$ rpm -qf /opt/kaltura/app/batch/bootstrap.php 
$ rpm -qi kaltura-base | grep URL
URL         :

In this case, the file belongs to Kaltura's Core at

Reporting issues

When reporting an issue, please make sure you include the version used.

# You can get the version using:
$ rpm -q package

Also, run:


This might help you diagnose the issue yourself, if not, paste the results along with your report.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Please do not file big Pull Requests. It makes reviewing and ensuring correctness difficult. If possible, break it down in smaller commits/pulls, each related to a specific issue or subject
  • Every commit should have a meaningful subject
  • If the code has tests, they must pass before submitting the pull request
  • When submitting a new feature, unit tests must be submitted as well
  • Whenever possible, implement features as plugins, not by modifying Core code
  • Always keep performance in mind
  • If you are unsure about submitting a Pull request, ask one of the repository owners for clarification

Submitting a contribution

  1. Fork the default branch of the relevant repo
  2. Create a branch with a meaningful name; i.e - some-feature-name-fix
  3. Commit and make a pull request

Thank you for working with us to make Kaltura even more awesome :)